Self Portraits- Your Secret Lover

Do you remember when we met? I noticed something strange but I had chosen to ignore the signs even if I felt a cold feeling in my belly like a hungry kid with malnutrition I chose to extend my hand so you can feed me.

The first kiss was just amazing and forget it the sex was perfect.

I didn’t ask any questions for I just allow you to be like a free bird in the sky that when you decided to come to my window I fed you so you can feel at home and come back as you please for a warm house was always waiting for you.

I learned to love you that way! from afar and away, close and near.

You spent as much time with me than at your house and “I am figuring things out”- you said to me without compromising or calling me yours for you felt I was too much of a women for you.

Our game of love grew and we danced on earth like we were on heaven… Yes, heaven was the place I created for you in my home.

I learned slowly but shortly that you had another home feeding you the same type of love.  It was all a trap.  I learn I was never going to call you my own for you never was and you will never be mine.  I learned that I had to let you go for you were a toxic poison consuming my mind and heart.

and then and only then, is when I discovered that I was your secret lover!

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