Self Portraits – The Mask

This Mask that I wear every day is just a part of me that I change with every event in my life.  I adapt, camouflage, I become like water.

I slowly take it off at night when I become a spirit and then my soul wonders in strange lands and I evolve at night.

Day by day my nights become my awaken world and at times I do not want to return to this fake world full of masks that become heavy at times.

I then, learn to fly and fight my fears, discover new universes, new alien beings, new friends and at the same time I find revelations and prophecies.

I do not want to return from what you call the underworld, the unfamiliar and at times you may call it hell.

The freedom I obtain from my nights awaken me to greatness that I can’t even explain with words.  You may have to meet me there one day and discover those worlds with me to learn that we are not alone, that we are amazing beings with super power and are gods in our own space and creation.

To develop such skills you must detach from the material things, learn to fall, fail, cry, learn that money is just that… paper, and that you are able to create anything you want with just a thought.

Meditation must become part of your daily habits, and love must be in your mind, heart and be one with it in order to experience life to it’s fullest wonders.

Then, when you wake up. Make sure you put the mask that fits you the best without compromising your spirit.  Yes, I know.  You too wear one.

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